Bread and Circuses – Olympics Two

While nobody would ever accuse me of be a sports fan, or even a sports follower (with the exception of Formula One) this weekends olympics coverage has been gripping.

The weekend marked Britains best ever performance in recent olympic times, and as I type this Team GB are third in the medal tally, second only to China and the USA. This may not last as the schedule now brings in events that were less strong in, but this morning, on the train, the newspapers were full of proud, patriotic copy.

Okay, so inflation is on the rise, along with interest rates, ( real prices are rising faster than inflation) and this is likely to be the wettest August for nearly a century, but for one brief moment the nation had something to smile about.

And I recounted the cranes… between Liverpool Street and Stratford stations (a distance of about five miles) I counted fifty construction cranes of various sizes.

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