Family Ties

I had an interesting email today, from one Barry Ennever.

Barry is researching the Ennever family tree; my mother was an Ennever, and hes traced her family line back to about 1650. Interestingly Mothers branch of the family tree never strayed far from Essex or the East End of London.

I was aware that my Grandfather (on my mothers side) was a Bob – I was named for him – but I didnt know that HIS father was also a Bob. Theres a publican there too – John Ennever was the Inn Keeper of the Bell Inn in Rainham in the 1840s.

Clarissa Dickson-Wright from TVs Two Fat Ladies gets a mention in the family tree too. Okay, so maybe Im not descended from George II (as Boris Johnson recently discovered), but we havent explored fathers side yet!

The Ennever site can be found at, and a fascinating trawl it is.

Ive also put a link to the site over there.

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