From Father to Son

There are days when the world changes, everybody recognises them; the day when Kennedy, John Lennon or Princess Diana died. Depending on your generation you know what you were doing or where you were on those world changing days.

Then there are the days when your own personal world changes, the day you meet the love of your life, the day you lose a loved one or maybe the day when you land that dream job.

Yesterday the world changed for me, with the birth of our first grandson.  I say our because I cant claim much involvement, I acquired Gaz when he was in his teens and while I have no genetic claim to parenthood, having seen him through his difficult (and they were difficult) teenage years through to respectable adulthood, I can claim to have some small involvement. I know that I stood as tall as his genetic father did when Gaz passed out from his basic RAF training at Swinderby.

Gaz is now 41, and a Corporal in the RAF; hes served in the Falklands, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq. Been there, done that, earned the medal and wears it with pride.

So now he has a son of his own, I hope Ive provided some small influence that Gaz makes a good father, I guess thats all any of us can hope for.


Update – after meeting our new grandson, and inevitably falling for his charms, Ive learned that hes to be called Kalin Alan Robert Smith – Kalin means (by all accounts – Strong Warrior in Gaelic) Alan is his genetic father, and Robert from yours truly, so maybe I did do something right!

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