Hot Summer Nights

This weekend we were invited round to a friends house for an evening barbecue.

This was the first time wed been invited to their place socially although theyd been to a couple of our bashes over the years. As such it was a nice opportunity to mee a different social circle; we knew maybe half of the twenty or so people there, but not socially; so it was interesting getting to know them.

I guess we were all of a similar age so the discussions centred around the classic subjects; BMW or Mercedes? Was David Coulthard any good as a Formula One driver, or just as a second string? Which was Pink Floyds best album? … and so on.

It was a warm summer evening and so the conversation just meandered on until we found ourselves wandering home at something like 2AM.  

A really pleasant evening, with good company.

In these days of international tension and the credit crunch, thats as good as it gets.

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