Music and Quizzes

Last evening my mate Tom and I went down the road for a beer. It being a Sunday evening our local was running its regular Pop Quiz, so we helped out one of the teams.

The pop quizzes have been running at The Curlew for about twelve to fifteen years I guess, and while it may be a seasonal thing, last evening there were only four teams, with less than thirty competitors. I remember vividly when it was standing room only. As I say, maybe its seasonal, start of the summer holidays and all that, maybe its the credit crunch, but as someone who used to run quizzes, I know how dispiriting it can be when you make the effort of setting a quiz and then only a few teams show up.

Ah well, it was a pleasant evening, and we managed to contribute a few answers to some tricky questions, but we left before the scoring, it was one of those “if we dont leave now we could be here until REALLY late” decisions, and what with me being relatively new in my role, and Tom starting his new job today, we decided to err on the side of caution.

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