One Two, One Two, is it working?

So, mid July 2008, and I figured that I should add my two pence to the general background noise that is the blogosphere. This site should sit alongside my two other sites, Black Chrome and – I like triangles… gives a sense of wossname… symmetry.

UPDATE – as you can see, Ive decided to wrap this into, symmetrys fine, simplicitys better.

Im not sure how often Ill update this, but Ill try. Needless to say Im not expecting my ramblings to be of interest to anyone, but in a hundred years someone may be able to sift the sharp needles from the haystack.

Ive recently been in touch with my mates Biffo and David King (whos in India at the moment doing missionary stuff) and suggested that they hook up as well, so we shall see if they start blogging too.

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  1. This looks good Bob (well, not that I expected otherwise). This looks the way forward for David, certainly. As for me, I think Ill need to come over to SWF some time and be re-persuaded and re-taught. Nice though.

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