Pick Up The Pieces

Last weekend I was enjoying a quiet pint and a chat with the landlord of one of my local pubs.

I say a quiet chat because the pub was pretty much deserted, symptomatic of the credit crunch and general decline in pub-going in the UK. Some 1400 pubs closed in the UK last year, which I think very sad, as Im a firm believer that the British Pub is a social hub. Its no coincidence that most British soap operas have a firm focus on the local – be it the Queen Victoria, The Woolpack or the Rovers Return.

But I digress, this particular landlord was expressing concern on being back in the game after his wife of nineteen years had left him. I confess its something that hadnt really occurred to me, but the whole singles social scene is probably a mystery to me now.

Thats not to say that I want to try it. Im more than happy in my current relationship, and try not to take my good lady for granted, but as I saw recently with my friends Rick and Jan who both lost their partners suddenly, sh*t happens. And to be frank the thought of the single life is more than a little scary.

I think Ill just keep counting my blessings.

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