Politics – no, make that politics

I think the small P is probably relevant.

 Last evening I was co-opted back onto South Woodham Ferrers Town Council. Its effectively a Parish Council, but once your population tops 15,000 or so I think youre allowed to call yourself a Town rather than a Parish.

I served on the Town Council between 1992 and 2003, but stepped down when I started commuting to London. A couple of prominent Town Councillors resigned over the last few months, and of course a year ago we lost Jon Cheese, so I had been asked on a number of occasions if Id consider going back.

So last evening saw me duly elected for co-option, and taking my pledge of service. Its not particularly onerous, but I do believe that its important to step up and play your part.

Another nice thing about the Town Council is that its not Political (with a large P) some councillors wear their Politics on their sleeve, but the decisions made at this level tend to be for the good of the town and its residents, rather than any Political considerations.

That several Town Councillors adjourn to the Village Hall for a convivial drink after the meetings is a bonus!

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