Pulp Fiction

As well as the iPod, I find myself devouring pulp fiction. I know theres lots of more worthy stuff I could be doing, I could take the laptop and do webby stuff, a few more paragraphs of my life story, or even resurrect my novel, which is currently gathering dust. Its nice to just veg out and unwind, and paperbacks provide a reasonably unchallenging way to relax.

Fortunately one of my local markets has a book stall that offers three paperbacks for a fiver, so I can stock up on recent books, or work my way through a particular authors canon.

My mate Jon and I used to swap books, but he was a speed reader and could devour at least ten to each one I enjoyed, and he was always further ahead in any sets than me.

At the moment Im working my way through the writings of Michael Connelly, who writes pretty darn good detective thrillers based around Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Like all such authors hes created a number of recurring characters, and while Im reading a few of these out of sequence its interesting to get a view of the overall story arc.

Ill put a link to Connellys website, along with other authors I return to.

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