Quizzes – again

Over the last couple of weeks Ive posted a couple of musings on the venerable pub quiz and whether its days are numbered.

This Sunday Chris at the Curlew arranged a charity night for Sunday night, which clashed with the regular Pop Quiz, so Pete, the Pop Quiz man moved into South Woodham town centre and ran the quiz at the bar in The Oakland hotel. By all accounts it was successful, with more teams and cheaper beer; Ive received emails telling me that the Pop Quizs move to the Oakland is permanent. Cerrtainly a new facebook group has been formed.

Last evening I found myself calling into The Railway where Howard was running his weekly General Knowledge quiz, there were about a dozen teams and the place was buzzing. In stark contrast to The Curlew which only had a couple of people in – I know I popped in there on the way to The Railway.

However, I learned that Howard has been told by the people who run The Railway that his services are no longer required. Personally I find that somewhat bizarre, but Im sure that Howard will be able to relocate to another bar in town and his regular quiz goers will follow him.

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