The Gunman, and other stories

I think I should go back to my erstwhile colleagues in Edinburgh and protest my innocence regarding not having anything younger that 20 years old on my iPod. My post “Old Music” from July 19th relates – here.

While trawling through my iPod this morning I stumbled upon “The Gunman and Other Stories” another forgotten classic by Prefab Sprout – from 2001. Thats comparatively recent, compared to much of the stuff on there.

Prefab Sprout are, in my humble opinion, a vastly underrated band, and their leader Paddy MacAloon one of our finest songwriters. He writes songs that are unashamedly romantic, with wonderful lush arrangements that are a joy to the ear. I guess romance is a bit out of fashion at the moment, but Im resolved to load the Prefab Sprout back catalogue onto my iPod for later in the week.

Already Im looking forward to the pop songs of From Langley Park to Memphis and the schmaltz of Andromeda Heights.

megahertzSadly Paddy has had some ill health of late. Having nearly lost his eyesight in the nineties he released a solo album, “I Trawl The Megahertz” an album which explores late nights listening to the radio.

The title track is a rambling orchestral piece, over 22 minutes long, which was described by one reviewer as Tubular Bells for the new millennium.

There are a few hushed rumours circulating that he might be recording a new Prefab Sprout album.

I hope so.

I miss him.

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