There’s a ghost in my house

Well Im not sure if its a ghost or some tech-savvy pixies.

We have a media centre PC in the kitchen, its an HP Touchsmart which is pretty cool, it does all the usual PC type things, shows and records TV programs and has a touch screen.

Touchsmart PCIt also either has a mind of its own, or its irresistable to the resident ghost or pixies.

I often come into the kitchen to find its turned itself on. Or well be sitting in the lounge watching TV, when the things turns itself on. Its really noticable because theres a three or four second delay between the TV and the PC, as it writes a continuous stream of program data to the hard drive.

The pixies seem to be getting more adventurous.

Last night at about midnight, they turned on the Sony Radio/CD/MD thingy (a CMT-MD1) I bought when I thought minidiscs were the way forward – heck we all make mistakes!

Anyway this gizmo sits in the Utility Room. And last night the pixies turned it on.

Sony dooferLoud.

Loud enough to wake Val upstairs and shell sleep through Argmageddon – although I confess I was sleeeping the sleeping of the just.

As in just back from the pub.

So while I slept, Val went down and turned the radio off.

But spookily, it was on again, albeit at a much lower volume, when I went downstairs at six to feed the cats.

Very strange.

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