The Time of the Season

Well August is lurching to a close, the late summer Bank Holiday has been and gone, I guess thats about it for summer.

My personal measure of the seasons is whether or not I need to put the light on in the bathroom in the mornings. And today was the first day that I needed the light to shave by. The next logical step will be having to turn the car lights on to get to the station, the clocks will go back and then ultimately (all too soon) it will be dark on leaving the house and returning home. <sigh>.

Never mind; the soothsayers are predicting a nice September, which is always pleasant.

And we managed three barbecues this summer, thats three times as many as last year, but nowhere near the numbers of a few years ago.

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  1. While Im happy to put the heat of Summer behind me, I do not look forward to the approaching days where its dark when I get to work, and dark when I leave!

    I know this is nothing compared to people who live in places where it is dark for months on end, but it still leaves me feeling like I live in a cave without sun!

  2. Youre going to have to get a bit more hard core Bob. Ive Barbied in the snow and in the rain and I still cant get enough of it. I hate the taste of meat not cooked on a grill or on an open fire. The wife loves the fact she rarely has to cook and if I could swing it, Id have a permanent BBQ on a bloody big verandah. But we rent, so thats out.

    Thankfully we are the one state (Queensland) who doesnt have daylights savings so we get to ease around with the seasons natural ebb and flow.

    Hope you have a nice white Xmas while we fry over here.

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