Things can only get better

Around the world a million bloggers are adding their opinions to the celebratory hubbub surrounding Barack Obamas election victory.

Certainly its a tremendous achievement, and one that inspired a great deal of optimism. But then I havent yet spoken to a single American (and my circle of American friends is probably wider than most) who admit to voting for George W Bush last time.

There are cynics that suggest that at the last election the Washington Redskins were correct in their prediction and the election actually went to John Kerry, but thats ancient history now.

My personal two cents on Obamas vistory is that it feels a lot like the UK General Election of 1997 when Tony Blair also won by a landslide. That victory was seem at that time as the start of a new golden age, but somehow it didnt quite happen.

Whether Obama is able to rebuild Camelot, only time will tell. Given the extent to which the United States influences the rest of the western world, we can only hope.

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