Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

I’ve mentioned before that I have deliberately resisted turning this into a job-seeker’s blog… applied for this, rejected for that, and such and such an agent won’t take my calls…

Well, I was talking the other day to Paul, my Financial Adviser; I do this occasionally, despite being unemployed and enjoying the bounteous sixty quid a week Jobseekers Allowance the government grudgingly allows me. At least until November when even that stops. Maybe I should try changing my accent.

Paul and I got round, as is inevitable, to discussing job opportunities, and so on. I explained that the month of August seems to be like December in recruiting terms. It seems to be almost impossible to get decision makers, or the right decision makers, lined up to make decisions. Consequently the job market grinds to a temporary – or at least I hope it’s temporary – halt.   

In recent months my CV has had me considered for roles in Cambridge, Cleveland (Ohio), Crawley, Derbyshire, Gibraltar, Heathrow, Manchester, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Swindon and ‘the west country’.

All interesting roles but all involving around 4 hours travelling daily, or overnight stays.

Paul observed that we seem to be in a new age of “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” – you have to be prepared to travel inordinate distances to go where the work is, and the trend in recent years for companies to relocate away from the capital has only compounded this. My neighbour, Bob, ‘commutes’ to Birmigham every week.

Except the roles I would be looking at would be solo overnight stays, not as part of a team. We’ve all seen them, the lone business traveller in the hotel restaurant with a paperback book.

But hey, it’s a job.


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  1. Bite the bullet mate – my furthest ‘commute’ was Stansted to Jersey for three months, but that turned into launching and managing WorldPay, the biggest hit on my CV! Every cloud has a silver lining, unless it’s EarthPort shaped of course…..

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