As a teenager I would regulalry visit the Motor Show at Earl’s Court. I’ve mentioned before that I was a petrol-head before I knew what petrol was! Living in Hornchurch and Upminster as I did, it was easy to get a ‘Twin Rover’ for four shillings – the equivalent of a Travelcard today – and take the underground from Upminster to Earls Court.

I would spent the day staring at cars I could only dream of one day owning – Saab, Mercedes… Lamborghini. Ah well, two out of three ain’t bad.

Well times change, and in the ago of the ‘credit crunch’ the Motor Show has been cancelled, to be replaced by the MPH show… a show in association with the Top Gear TV series, a show for petrol-heads of all ages.

I had managed to blag admission through my friends who own the OutdoorBeanBag website that I built (and am in the process of rewriting). My mate Jeremy accompanied me, and for a few hours we were fourteen years young again.

MPH-StigNot sure who this guy was, he insisted on having his picture taken with me.

MPH-SLRI can still lust after Mercedes…

MPH-GoldLambo…but somethings are just wrong. A gold plated Lamborghini?


Dear Santa… I’ve been really good this year…

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