Don’t Dream It’s Over

This week’s announcements that Dubai is suffering financial hardship probably generated more than a little schadenfreude in the struggling economies of the west.


A couple of years ago we visited Dubai, (some pictures here) staying at the wonderful Madinat Jumeirah complex. We were so impressed with the atmosphere and service that we returned within the year to celebrate my 50th birthday – the original intent was to go to Las Vegas, but we found Dubai to be nearer and nicer.

Okay so the whole place was superficial and built on rampant, unsustainable optimism, but it had a ‘can do’ attitude and a buzz about it that I’ve only experienced elsewhere in New York in the eighties and Shanghai a few years ago.

I personally hope that Dubai weathers the storm, albeit slightly chastened, it was a fun place to visit and, when my personal circumstances permit, I would love to go back.

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