Guilty Pleasures

Okay, I confess, it’s a guilty pleasure but I quite enjoy Dan Brown’s books, they’re distractions and right now some distraction will come in handy.

I first read ‘Angels and Demons’ before ‘The Da Vinci’ code came out. Ever the early adopter I found the book at Schipol Airport as I recall – and what with flight delays I had nearly finished it by the time we got home.

Dan Brown writes good airline novels (IMHO), page turners with no pretensions to being literature.

Okay, the plots might be both pretentious and portentous, but not the writing style.

So, when this morning I stumbled across the new hardback ‘The Lost Symbol’ (on its publication day no less) on sale for a fiver I figured why bother waiting for the paperback?

Of course this one could be particularly interesting as Dan Brown turns his attentions to Freemasonry, something I know slightly more about than the Illuminati or Opus Dei.

Add to that a new collection of Stephen King short stories for less than four quid in paperback, and Rick Stein’s new hardback for half price and I was sorted.

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