Today is one of those days.

Like the deaths of JFK, Elvis, John Lennon and Princess Diana this is one of those days when a generation date stamps and everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news of the death of a celebrity.

It cant be denied that Michael Jackson was an immense talent, the first global video star and a bridge between black and white music. He was shrewd in that he worked with the best, Quincey Jones produced the Off The Wall /Thriller / Bad trilogy of albums, Eddie Van Halen played that searing guitar riff on Thriller, and Jon Landau directed the Thriller video.

He was also deeply troubled. His troubles, like his triumphs conducted in the glare of the public spotlight.

Having said all that, Ive checked my shelves and I dont have any of Michael Jacksons recordings in any format. As such it would be hypocritical to shed crocodile tears over his passing.

He was a great artist, of his time.

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