Thank you for being a friend

Today we bade a sad farewell to Merlin, one of our Burmese cats. 


I know he was a good old age, nearly nineteen, and I know that the time was right for hime to go. His quality of life had recently deteriorated to the point where it had become evident that the time had come. He knew it.

 It still doesnt make it any easier. 

We were fortunate in that our local vet is also a good friend, and despite having a full schedule she cut her lunch short to attend to us, kindness like that is much appreciated. We are also fortunate in that we still have Gandalf, Merlins brother and Gandalfs health seems to be pretty good at the moment. 

Merlin was a good companion for nearly nineteen years, and he gave so much love and affection we will miss him desperately.

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