The perfect pub?

Ive deliberately held back from posting for a while, being out of work and job-hunting makes it too too easy to write a blog saying “theres not much out there” or “the recruitment agencies don’t return calls”. So rather than clutter the blogosphere with such bleak ramblings I thought Id hold back until I had something to say.

Well, yesterday we went to Oxfordshire to catch up with Gaz, Nic and young Kalin. Latest pictures will be uploaded to the brag-blog page shortly. Gaz took us to a pub theyve recently discovered, The Bear at Home in North Moreton.


It was quite bizarre, I felt at home as soon as I walked in, and felt a feeling close to deja-vu.

The pub has a reasonable car park, a small garden – with a stile to the local cricket pitch – comfortable bar and a large function/family room.



It was in the function room that we camped ourselves, young Kalins probably a bit distracting for most pub goers, but it was comfortable, with dining tables and comfortable sofas – the large flat screen TV showing the Turkish Grand Prix was an unexpected bonus.   

The food was tasty and freshly cooked on the barbecue outside, and the selection of beers was a very pleasant surprise, we started with Timothy Taylors Landlord and then moved on to try the Dark an excellent porter from the Lovibonds brewery in nearby Henley.


The bar was well attended with friendly bar staff and locals who all took the time to say Hello, or to pop their heads into the family room to check Jenson Buttons progress in the Grand Prix. I cant recall ever feeling quite so comfortable, quite so quickly in any pub.

I really believe that this is probably the best pub I have ever visited… and I concede that over the past 35 years Ive visited more than my fair share!

And as for that feeling of deja vu? Well according to the pubs own website here, in the 1980s the landlord was a certain Robert Massey… spooky eh?

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  1. Hi Bob

    Glad you enjoyed yourselves on Sunday & thanks for going to the trouble of emailing me. Yes that is a little spooky………

    We look forward to seeing you again next time youre in Oxfordshire.

    All the best

    Bear at Home

  2. Thats something I think is missing in the US, I miss a good old fashioned pub.

    Preferably without a TV playing American Football blaring in the background.

  3. Your fame spreads. Imagine my surprise when I went there today and spotted a print out of this article above the bar!

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