Hanging on the Telephone

Well I waited by the phone last night, but the new Prime Minister – David Cameron – never rang.

Ah well, maybe next time.

Seriously, when David Cameron announced, about a year ago, that he was opening the candidates list for prospective MPs, I applied.

The application form ran to eight pages and included the question “Is there anything in your past that could cause embarrassment to the Party if it became known publicly.”

This, for a role where literally hundreds of MPs have been found to have been exploiting their expenses for years!

Oh, and THREE personal references, at least one from a Conservative Party official.

Needless to say, I didn’t get through to the candidate list. I didn’t fit any of their preferred demographics – white, heterosexual, middle class, suburban male – I needn’t have wasted my stamp.

Nevertheless I still have political aspirations, I still aspire to serve my local residents at Chelmsford Borough Council as well as on my local Town council.

And while I wish David Cameron and Nick Clegg all the best for the mountain they’re about to climb, that phone call would have been nice!

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