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I have commented in the past about devouring books on my train journeys to and from town, and some of the writers I enjoy.

While scouring the book shops, or the ‘three for a fiver’ bookstall in Chelmsford Market I’ll look out for Lee Child, Robert Crais and Michael Connelly books. I usually buy the Stephen King books when they come out.

Crais and Connelly are, by all accounts, friends and their characters inhabit the same Los Angeles.

It amused me a couple of years ago when each referenced the others main protaganists in a novel – Robert Crais’s character ‘Elvis Cole’ was spotted lurking at a police station in Connelly’s “Lost Light” while Connelly’s detective ‘Harry Bosch’ was referenced in Crais’s “The Last Detective”.

Little flourishes like that are all too rare, and for the ‘constant reader’ as Stephen King describes us, it might cause a knowing smile.

I was accordingly quite astonished when Stephen King, in his latest novel “The Dome”, referenced Lee Child’s character ‘Jack Reacher’ as “The toughest goddam Army cop that ever served.”

Lee Child

I have the latest Jack Reacher novel on my ‘to read’ pile, while Stephen King seems to have tamed his personal demons and with ‘The Dome’ is back on form.

I have a hundred or so pages of ‘The Dome’ left to read and, like King’s best works, I’m almost reluctant to see it through to the denouement… it’s not going to be pretty.

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