Shaddup You Face


Okay… so possibly the most unpopular song ever because :

  1. it was rubbish  and
  2. it kept Ultravox’s ‘Vienna’ off the number one spot back in 1980

Anyway, the reason for this post, for any spammers out there who bother to actually read this site is this. I am regularly getting twenty or thirty ‘comments’ a day from spammers offering great $500 a day deals.

I delete those unwanted comments and a few days later I get “Why have you removed my post? It was very useful information and i assure at least one person found it helpful unlike the rest of the comments on this website.”

I’ll tell you why I removed your post… it’s my website, I pay for the hosting and I’m not interested in subsidising your tawdry business ventures on my dime!

So I will continue to delete this garbage and, just for the hell of it, I’ll report back in due course with the number of spam comments I get despite this particular post.

Update – 360 comments during the month of October, all with the loosest of grasps of English, all flattering to deceive and most trying to promote ‘designer’ watches, pens, handbags and so on.

More bizarrely, twenty of those flattering comments were in response to this very post!

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