Thank you for the music

Well, I confess I never thought it would happen, but today I disconnected the stereo system in my den.

I have always been a music junkie, and always steered clear of hi-fi separates; my 18th birthday present was a music centre – everybody had these in the mid seventies, and mine was one of the first with Dolby™ noise reduction.

After Val and I were married I upgraded to a Bang & Olufsen ‘Beocenter’ – this had twin tape decks and a proprietary noise reduction system, oh and a Philips CD Player (a CD104B – the last one with a metal drawer).

The system I’ve just disconnected was a Sony, with twin cassette decks, Dolby™  and a 50 CD ‘toast rack’ jukebox.

My intention was that the Sony would join the B&O and the music centre in the loft, but I figured there was a limit to how much hardware I could archive, so I offered it to my FaceBook ™ friends and it is now enjoying a new lease of life in Saffron Walden.

It occurred to me that with all my music backed onto hard disc and accessed either through my PC (with Bose speakers) or my iPod, I literally couldn’t recall the last time I’d turned the Sony on.

Of course I haven’t turned my back on music,  I have installed an iPod dock… and when I saw it, you can see why I couldn’t resist it!

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  1. Your latest system is so utterly cool!!! (Although I still love the B&O – guess I’m just a retro kind of person …)

  2. Isnt that music centre so cool. When I was a kiddie bopper my folks got me an Amstrad all in one – twin tapes and a turntable on a motor that ejected to put on the vinyl. Of course being an Amstrad the tapes stopped working and the belt drive on the ejector broke down requiring ‘manual intervention’. Ah the days of creating a mix from the top 40 radio!

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