The lunatics have taken over the asylum – 3

While I’m ranting abut the general incompetencies of the whole Job Centre set up  –  it’s almost Orwellian doublespeak – they don’t deal with jobs, and with the best will in the world, they really aren’t equipped to deal with people seeking more senior roles.

Anyway, this week (a week when the long term jobless reached its highest level since 1997) I was seen by my ‘personal advisor’ – I’ve seen five different ‘personal advisors’ in nine months.

This one’s a good one, she can actually read without moving her lips which is more than most can.

While I was there I inquired if I could alter my signing time to something that’s not mid-morning.

She managed to change my signing time to 10am, hardly early doors, but better.

“Of course you won’t be seeing me” she said. “They’re letting me go at the end of February.”

Okay, we knew that job cuts would have to hit the public sector eventually, after all the public sector is larger now than at any time in the past, and simply isn’t affordable, but laying off jobcentre staff at a time of recession?

Oh, I was forgetting, we’re not in a recession any more, the economy grew by 0.1% last quarter didn’t it?

Didn’t it?

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