Doctor My Eyes

In September 2009 I noticed that vision in my left eye was slightly blurred. At first I thought it was the result of a barbecue flare up, but visited both my local optician and my doctor to check whether I’d caused any serious damage.

The doctor’s opinion was that I had a cataract forming.

Fast forward a year and the vision in my left eye was compromised to the point where my optician’s retinal scan machine couldn’t produce an image through my left lens. It was time to take some action.

These things take time to organise, but over the last two weeks I have had the lenses in my eyes replaced with varifocal intra-ocular contact lenses. Each operation took about fifteen minutes under (very) local anaesthetic. The actual experience looked a lot like an Apple screen saver.

Hannibal Chew at

After the second lens treatment this week I found that for the first time in over thirty five years I was freed from the need to put my specs on first thing in the morning only to remove them last thing at night.

It’s liberating, I’m able to buy real sunglasses over the counter.

Last evening the BBC carried the Comic Relief appeal, which showed appealed for funds for cataract operations for £35 per adult in Africa.

I reckon that’s a bargain.

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