I have written in the past about my decision to further my foray into local politics.

In July 2008 I decided to rejoin (after a few years break) the local Town Council and, prompted by Val, decided to further my political career by making a play to represent my local area at Chelmsford Borough Council. This necessitated my breaking cover and joining a political party, so in 2008 I also joined the Conservatives.

Fast forward to May 2011 and the next Borough Council elections saw me standing as a Conservative Councillor for my local ward – South Woodham Ferrers – Chetwood and Collingwood Ward. The campaign required many afternoons of canvassing and putting leaflets through doors – although I confess we did take a break (to the Caribbean) mid-campaign.

The actual day of the election was long, very long – we started at 6am and I didn’t get back to bed until 4:30am the next day, but it was most rewarding – I personally polled 1,300 votes and was duly returned as a Borough Councillor.

While it would be nice to progress to Westminster, I doubt that that will ever materialise, but for now I am content to have a new challenge, and try and improve things for my constituents – my neighbours and friends.


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