Love and Affection

Today we said a very sad farewell to Gandalf, a loving and affectionate companion for over twenty years.
Gandalf’s pedigree name was ‘Rahnee Illystyll Elventree’ and when we first met him, with his brother Merlin (Rahnee Merlin Spellweaver) we decided that they should be Gandalf and Merlin.
We lost Merlin a couple of years ago, but were lucky enough to keep Gandalf until now.
Anybody who has ever owned a Burmese cat will know that they’re a very special breed, very intelligent, very communicative and very affectionate.
That Gandalf enriched our lives for so long was a blessing and we’ll miss him desperately.

Gandalf and Kalin at Christmas 2010
The picture above was one of the last pictures taken of Gandalf, on Christmas Day 2010 with our Grandson Kalin, and with Gandalf wearing his wooly pully.
And the picture below was taken a year or so ago, when we first gave him his pully.
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