Lyla / Layla

You may have noticed that I try and title each post with a title based on a song or album title. The title of this post is unusual because it contains two song titles, ‘Lyla’ from  a song by Oasis, and ‘Layla’ from the Eric Clapton classic.

A few weeks ago I thought it might be nice to look for a new cat. We had previously discussed that we might look for a ‘rescue’ cat, and that having enjoyed the company of Gandalf and Merlin – both pedigree Burmese cats, that another Burmese might be nice.

As someone once said, once you’ve shared your home with a Burmese, anything else is just a cat!

So, a trawl through the Cat Protection League websites, and the Burmese Cat Society and I spotted Lyla.

She was described as “a very special 2.5 year old lilac Burmese who has chosen to live on her own after having fallen out with her daughter. She is a sensitive but loving and very affectionate cat who would be best in a single cat household with no children.”

A few ‘phone calls and emails later found us driving up to Nottingham to meet Lyla and her breeder, and a few hours later we were returning with a very nervous, but very beautiful cat on the back seat.

Lyla arrives at her new home

She’s very skittish, and much of the time she appears to be terrified of me. But she’s been with us for a couple of weeks now, and is working hard to ensure that we, her staff are fully trained.

And Layla?

Well neither Val nor I would describe ourselves as Oasis fans (I had no idea that ‘Lyla’ made it to number one), and we sometimes call her Layla by mistake, I think that Layla might stick!

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