Fallen Hero


On Thursday May 22nd the death of Trevor Bolder was announced; he’d actually passed away a day earlier, but I found it poignant that it was on May 22nd that it was made public.

The Spiders From Mars @ Tolfalas.com

The Spiders From Mars

Trevor Bolder, for the initiated, played bass guitar for David Bowie’s (or should that be Ziggy Stardust’s) ‘Spiders from Mars’. A band that played with Bowie during what could be considered Bowie’s ‘Golden Years’ of 1971 through 1973. After Ziggy ‘had to break up the band’ in July ’73 Bolder went on to play on Mick Ronson’s ’74 and ’75 solo albums before playing with Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash.

But it’s for ‘the Spiders’ that Bolder is probably best remembered, even if he looked uncomfortable ‘in his satin and tat’, every inch the ‘hod carrier in satin’ (a phrase, I think, first coined by Dylan Jones).

The particular poignancy for me was that Thursday May 22nd marked the fortieth anniversary of the concert that Bowie and the Spiders played at the Odeon cinema in Romford. I was there, as a callow youth, just a few days after my sixteenth birthday. Front row, circle, tickets sourced by Steve Griffin.

Okay, I concede that with Bowie and Ronno’s front of stage posing, very few eyes were focused on the bassist, but his contribution underpinned the band’s performance.

Mick Ronson passed away in 1993, tragically young, and of course Bowie is enjoying a renaissance at present, but the loss of any of our teenage heroes should, I believe, be recorded.

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