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(Andy Williams)

I recently posted a review of ‘Common’ on Manchester’s Edge Street and mentioned ‘Home Sweet Home’ next door. I’d walked past the place dozens of times, only recently taking the plunge and going in.


Inside it’s decorated in a sort of country kitchen/bohemian style. It’s as cosy as these places can get, when one wall is plate glass and facing the street. Tables are small, designed for two people, more would be crowded. There’s free WiFi, both provided by the café and by Manchester’s new public WiFi ‘cloud’, but the clientele are laptop, rather than Macbook users.


There is background music, but it’s unremarkable, and while there’s an impressive selection of bottled beers, hot beverages and exotic shakes, the only draught beer is Red Stripe.

The menu is small, but imaginative, comprising breakfasts, burgers, sandwiches, Chilli and Pulled Pork. The Chicken Chilli – served in a hollowed out roll looks interesting, while the pulled pork is, by all accounts, cooked overnight as the oven cools.

 Pulled Pork Pile - Home Sweet Home - at Tolfalas.com

It’s served either in a sandwich or, as I’ve enjoyed it, as a ‘pile-up’ – piled on a bed of sweet potato fries, with sliced jalapenos, coleslaw and salad.

I’m sure it’s a great please to meet friends for a coffee and a chat, but for me it’s just a little too snug.

So, it’s a nice enough place, serving great pulled pork, it’s just not for me. If they would deliver their pulled pork next door, with its great selection of beers, life for me would be perfect.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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