Something’s Burning

(Kenny Rogers and the First Edition)

Once I started working in Manchester I quickly discovered Manchester Confidential, a great source of information, rumours and general scuttlebutt.

And so it was with some sadness that I learned, the other day – on Manchester Confidential – of a major fire that had consumed the building on Manchester High Street that hosted both ‘Almost Famous Burgers‘ and ‘Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn‘.

Almost Famous ablaze - from Manchester Confidential

Picture from Manchester Confidential

Okay, so maybe AFB was too cool for school, with queues outside through the last (bitterly cold) Manchester winter, but they brought some fun to the Northern Quarter, and the food in LLLB was great – I had dinner in LLLB the night before the blaze.

So here’s hoping that something equally exciting rises from the ashes.


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