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There’s a clutch of Nepalese restaurants in Didsbury, but ‘Great Kathmandu’ (established 1987) is acknowledged as the ‘daddy’. I suspect that most of the other local Nepalese restaurants (one even advertises ‘Tibetan’ food) have been founded by former ‘GK’ chefs and waiters.

I turned up at about seven thirty with a colleague on a Wednesday evening; the restaurant was fairly busy (for a Wednesday) but by no means crowded.

We ordered a mixed Tandoori Shashlick starter, comprising Lamb chops, Lamb Tikka, Chicken Tikka, King Prawn and a few veggies, served with a Naan bread. The King Prawns were delicious, really spicy and zingy, the Lamb chop was tasty, but soggy, and the Chicken Tikka was so-so.

Tandoori Shashlik starter at The Great Kathmandu - from

For our mains we ordered Lamb Khorsani and a Chicken Chandane Dry Fry dish, coupled with a portion of Pilau Rice. Our waiter tried to convince us that we needed a second portion of rice, but in the event we didn’t finish the one portion we had ordered. God loves a tryer

Main courses at The Great Kathmandu - from

I think we need more rice!

The Lamb Khorsani was delicious, really spicy with a hefty kick of green chilli, while the Chicken Chandane comprised pieces of marinated Chicken Tikka that could have come from any curry caff in Manchester City Centre, disappointing. The rice was moist and plentiful and we mopped up the Khorsani sauce with a Garlic Naan.

We washed it all down with a couple of pints of draught Cobra each.

All in all, it was a pleasant enough meal, and good value – twenty quid a head including two beers – and the service was okay, but not impressive.

I would be quite happy to go back, but frankly there are better places at similar prices in Manchester city centre.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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