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It was a Wednesday evening, I was on my own in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, a good twenty minute walk to Chinatown, and I fancied some Chinese food.

Rather than venture through the city I decided to try ‘Glamorous’ on the Oldham Road, about two minutes from Ancoats.

Well the introduction is far from glamorous, walking past the Wing Yip superstore loading bays, then up in an industrial lift to the first floor of the multi-storey supermarket, above the superstore.

Glamorous Restaurant, Manchester - at


Things improved when I walked in, yes it has a sort of ‘Hong Kong’ glamour, with hidden lighting, a vast chandelier and about 300 covers, even more upstairs.

Glamorous Chinese Restaurant, Manchester, from

Very ‘Hong Kong’ both in style and scale.

I was led to a table with a view over the parked cars and presented with a menu. There was an 80/20 split among the customers between Asian and European diners; the walls and pillars are adorned with small signs and posters in Chinese, so you wonder what dishes we ‘Gwai Lo’ are missing out on.

I ordered Hot and Sour soup, which didn’t disappoint – it was piping hot, glutinous with slivers of, umm, stuff, and a pleasant hot/sour tang.

My main course was Singapore Noodles, which were up to standard, but the highlight of my evening was the Spring Rolls.

Now normally it’s difficult to raise enthusiasm for Spring Rolls, but these were a revelation. We all know what to expect, right? Well these were a pleasant surprise. Like dublin sausages, these are crammed with meat, a real culture shock for us Brits! I didn’t ask what sort of meat, it may have been barbecued Chicken, but these little cylinders of delight were delicious, especially after a dunking in Soy Sauce.

So, apart from the exceptional Spring Rolls, the meal didn’t disappoint.

The service was okay and the final bill, including a small glass of Tsing Tao came to £16.50, not cheap, but not expensive.

Would I go back? Probably not.

The next time I feel the urge for Chinese I think that I’ll make the trip over to Chinatown. Unless, of course, it’s raining.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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