My Street

(Kurt Nilsen)

Sometimes things just happen, call it ‘serendipity’. I’d been travelling up Manchester on a weekly basis for over two years, taking the nine o’clock Virgin train from London Euston and arriving in Manchester Piccadilly just after eleven.

Virgin Pendolinos (Euston) -


A major refurbishment of Manchester’s Victoria Station (Making Victoria Posh) has meant no effective tram service from Piccadilly to anywhere close to the office where I’ve been working. So I’ve been availing myself of the services of Manchester’s rather excellent ‘StreetCars’ mini cabs.

Making Victoria Posh - at

So, I’ve been using StreetCars every week for several months when, a week or two ago the driver greeted me with the words “I wasn’t sure if you were going to be a wind-up.”

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“Hasn’t anybody told you? There’s a street called ‘Bob Massey Close’ not two miles from here.”

Well, that was something I couldn’t miss, so we took a short diversion into the office and, sure enough, in Openshaw, not far from Manchester City’s ‘Etihad Campus’ there as ‘Bob Massey Close’.

Bob Massey Close - at

Okay, so it’s hardly an executive area, there was a shooting there in April 2014 but hey, I thought it was pretty cool.

Bob Massey Street Sign @ Tolfalas.comNow, where’s my screwdriver?


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