Sign of the Times

(The Belle Stars)

I know that of late this site has tended to becoming a foodie blog, reviewing restaurants and so on.

And while I will probably continue to post food and restaurant reviews, if something amuses or annoys me then I might post it here.

Recently I’ve become aware of conversations in my local pub. While normally one would expect conversations about football, politics, music or the state of the world (those conversations still pervade), we recently found ourselves discussing the most recent broadcast by Professor Brian Cox.

The ultimate was probably last week.

I found myself in my local. That, in itself, is not too unusual, it being my local and all that.

It was early Wednesday evening, and there were probably about ten people in; most calling in for a quiet drink on the way home.

There were four of us sat at the bar, all what I guess would be described as ‘middle aged’ men, all of us in our fifties.

And the topic of our conversation? Football? Formula 1? Politics?

Nope, we were discussing what variety of Statins we were each taking!

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