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(Paul Simon) – The American Bar at the Savoy

I’ve written elsewhere that we were booked in for lunch at the Savoy Grill, and that we arrived early enough to enjoy a quick drink at the American Bar.

I’d heard of the American Bar; who hasn’t? It’s legendary, even if it’s recently been (sympathetically) refurbished, it’s still authentic deco.

The American Bar at The Savoy @

The first thing I noticed was how small the American Bar is; there’s barely room for a couple of dozen people. The second was the cocktail list, which focused on cocktails from different eras from the Savoy’s past. Prices range from about fifteen quid upwards, to infinity and beyond.

We both ordered ‘Maid in Cuba’ cocktails, crisp and refreshing, based on Bacardi & Lime, with hints of cucumber, mint, sugar syrup and absinthe. I considered ordering a Bloody Mary, but as it wasn’t listed I dared not ask the price!

Maid in Cuba at The American Bar at The Savoy @

The waiter brought us a selection of nibbles – salted roasted broad beans, olives stuffed with anchovy, and a pretty generic crunchy spicy mix.

I guess fifteen quid for a classic cocktail in a classic cocktail bar is a reasonable price, but I would have love to have seen the various pages of classic spirits followed by a range of classic beers.

Rating: ★★★★½

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