(Commodores)  Ed’s Easy Diner, The Piazza, Euston

I travelled through Euston each week for over two years, but tended to travel first class on Virgin trains to Manchester – the benefits of booking early – so blagged a breakfast on the train.

This time I was travelling standard class, and had some time to kill – the 09:40 was £180 cheaper on a return ticket than the 09:20 a no brainer for my client – so I decided to try Ed’s Easy Diner, which shone (literally) like a neon beacon across the rain soaked piazza.

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I’d walked past Ed’s Diner in Bluewater a hundred times and was always intrigued by the American diner décor, and found it to be authentic, in a nostalgic, cinematic way.

I was shown to my table, which was ideal for one, might have proved cosy for two eating, but was impressed by the selection of condiments, and the neat metal ‘fence’ that prevented them from being inadvertently swept to the floor.

I ordered the ‘Just Outa Bed’ Breakfast, which comprised two rashers of bacon, two authentic ‘American’ style sausages, fried egg, portobello mushroom, grilled tomato and a massive hash brown. Pretty reasonable value for £6.95, along with a ‘bottomless’ black coffee for £2.30.


I couldn’t fault the breakfast, the sausages were the most authentic ‘American’ sausages I’ve had this side of Manhattan, and the coffee, like the sausages, was authentic – and indeed bottomless – but could have been stronger.

The music was sixties retro, in keeping with the décor, I was amused when the tweedy J.R.Hartley lookalike gentleman on the table next to mine bought a copy of their CD!

If I was travelling the same route and had the same time constraints, I’d breakfast there again. A tenner for a cooked breakfast, and bottomless coffee, in central London, can’t be bad.

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