Election Day


Four years ago I posted here about my election to Chelmsford City (then Borough) Council.

Well, after an interesting four years the time came to stand for re-election. This time against a more active local ‘Independent’ opposition. This inevitably necessitated leafleting local residents and a couple of very, very long days  – both outside the local polling station and witnessing the count.

Over the last four years, I like to think that I’ve served my electorate well. I’ve resolved issues for residents – whether in my ward or not. I’ve also ensured that I’ve kept the electorate informed through letters in the local free newspaper – which is the effective ‘organ of information’  in the town where I live, and on the Town’s very active Facebook page.

I was flattered that my personal vote was over 72% of the votes cast; I’m happy with that, but won’t allow myself to be complacent.

In the end the Conservatives beat the ‘Independents’ locally, much as they beat the Liberal Democrats across Chelmsford. Chelmsford City Council is now 90% represented by Conservatives.

2015 Election Result

Being a (now) City Councillor has cost me a number  ‘quiet’ drinks, as residents ‘bend my ear’ about their problems, and has probably added an average of fifteen minutes to each trip to the local shops.

It’s a fascinating journey, and one I’m enjoying greatly.

Here’s to the next four years.

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