Goat’s Head Soup

(Rolling Stones)

After my guv’nor and I had enjoyed the delights of ‘The Scott Inn’ at Kingston and the ‘Square and Compass’ at Worth Matravers we headed back to Bournemouth, checked in to our respective hotels and headed out to ‘The Goat and Tricycle’.

It’s located in central Bournemouth, but at the top end of the main (pedestrianised) shopping drag, on West Hill Road, an area known locally as ‘The Triangle’. While it’s a bit of a shlep from the town centre or beach, it’s an area that’s well populated with small hotels, and offices.

And it’s worth seeking out; it’s part of Wadsworth’s estate of some 240 pubs scattered around the south of England.

Inside it does smack a little of ‘chain pub’ – if you’ve seen the movie ‘The World’s End’ you’ll know what I mean – but it’s at the better end of that particular spectrum.

The World's End

And, to be fair, Wadsworth’s brew some fine ales.

As you might expect, inside it’s heavy with wood panelling and brass fittings. There’s a large board with removable planks that describe the various brews on tap. I counted eleven taps, as well as four or five ‘keg’ taps serving lager, cider and that Dublin stout.

There’s another blackboard describing the day’s special menu items. There’s also a considerable menu of ‘pub fayre’ – nothing too exciting, we’re talking ‘chainey’ rather than ‘gastro pub’ or even bistro, but hey, the food should be a side show in a bar like this. As it was we’d already pigged out on pasties at the Square and Compasses so ducked out on food, concentrating on the beers.

And fine beers they were, my guv’nor enjoyed ‘The Bishops Tipple’ – ‘golden’ ale – while I was happy to drink ‘Swordfish’ which marries Wadsworth’s ale with a hint of Pusser’s Navy Rum.

Wadworths beers @ Tolfalas.com

I noticed a couple of trendy ‘craft’ beers bars in the vicinity. I might try them on future trips to Bournemouth (watch this space), but I suspect that it’s to the ‘Goat and Tricycle’ I will be returning.

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