The Captain and The Kid

(Elton John) – The Captain’s Arms – Abu Dhabi

It was a warm, late October day, late afternoon and we found ourselves, as you do, drinking in an Abu Dhabi cellar bar  (Harvester – under the Holiday Inn Downtown), with Val complaining about the efficiency of the air conditioning and the smell of stale tobacco.

I suggested we get some fresh air and took a taxi to Le Meridian, to the King’s Arms which, unusually for ‘the gulf’ has outdoor seating. We arrived and sat at a picnic bench reasonably near the bar.

2015-10-25 17.43.28

Around us, to one side a massive screen was showing the Rugby World Cup (3rd place playoff) while to the other side, multiple screens were showing the Manchester City versus United ‘ local’ derby.

It was still thirty degrees and the beers were cold.

Inside the ‘Captains Arms’ the décor is somewhere between “Sinclair’s Oyster Bar” in Manchester, and a set for a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.

2015-10-25 18.45.29

No matter, there was a good selection of draft beers, my wife enjoyed a couple of glasses of red wine, and while we didn’t eat, the food looked and smelt, great.

This was our third trip to Abu Dhabi, and to date “The Captain’s Arms” is the closest I’ve found to a potential ‘local’.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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