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(Mamas and the Papas) – Bow Creek Café, London

A friend and I were heading to a show at the Excel, we had afternoon tickets so took a leisurely drive up to town, with the intention of lunch before we went into the Excel. I’d previously enjoyed lunch at the Fat Boy’s Diner and headed over to Leamouth.

Unfortunately, or fortunately in this case, we missed the sign that indicated that FatBoy had relocated further round the corner, next to the lighthouse. The Bow Creek Café now occupies the sight in front of the lightship.

The Bow Creek Cafe, London @

The Bow Creek Cafe

The Bow Creek Cafe @

Outside, the Bow Street Café is a chic, modern container unit, with a terrace for outside dining. Inside it’s decorated ‘eclectically’ with bric a brac and nick nacks, giving a homely, arty vibe.

The Bow Creek Cafe @

We took a seat and perused the menu, there were sandwiches, omelettes, salads and jacket potatoes. The emphasis is vegetarian, but we focused on the breakfasts and both chose the ‘Full English Breakfast’.

Like a choosing a Biryani in an Indian Restaurant, I believe that a ‘Full English’ gives a good indication as to the standard of a place.

The Bow Creek Cafés ‘Full English’ comprises “Lincolnshire Sausage, Smoked Bacon, Free Range Egg, Potato, Mushrooms, Eggie Bread, Baked Beans and Toast.” all for £6.50.

Full English at The Bow Creek Cafe, London @

Full English

The breakfast was delicious, washed down with a mug of tea – not included in the breakfast price, but ‘refillable’ Tea or Coffee IS included in the ‘Big Buoy Breakfast’ (do you see what they did there?).

The Big Buoy Breakfast consists of “Two Sausages, three rashers of Smoked Bacon, two Free Range Eggs, 2 slices of Potato, 2 Eggie Bread, Baked Beans, Toast” – and the aforementioned refillable drinks.

We struggled to finish the ‘Full English’ and both agreed that we would not have been able to finish the ‘Big Buoy’ – but maybe if we had a full morning and a newspaper we might manage.

So, all in all, good food, good value and a great little discovery, just a stones throw from the bright lights of docklands.

Rating: ★★★★★

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