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( Asia) – Asian Dream, Hikkaduwa

Let’s start by declaring an interest, I love curry, I’ve loved curry in various incarnations for close to fifty years. Although in those days it was Vesta curries, or those made with that mysterious pot of ‘curry powder’.

Since my childhood I’ve explored different types of curry, have visited Sri Lanka, Kerala and Goa – Chennai remains on the ‘to do’ list.

Oh, and I’m known by my first name in several local ‘Indian’ restaurants:

So, when my good friend Phill suggested, during a recent trip to Sri Lanka, dinner at ‘Asian Jewel’, I had no idea what awaited me – despite ducking out of an ‘all inclusive’ deal at my hotel.

Our Tuk Tuk arrived at seven and drove us down Hikkaduwa’s main drag, turned right, over the railway lines then inland for a mile or so. Then off piste (as it were) and up some improbable slopes until the tarmac ran out.

And we were there. Don’t expect a description, it was dark, but Asian Dream appeared to be a large villa, lit by fairy lights, with our friends and one other table occupied, but it was ‘off season’.

This would have been one of those ‘catching up’ and drinking evenings, had I not ordered the ‘special curry’.


I was stunned! Fifty years of enjoying curries paled into insignificance.

This was bliss in a curry sauce; delicately spiced – but ‘spicy’ as requested. Coconut milk, curry leaves, Chicken.. I lost track of the flavours.

It came with boiled rice and three small deep fried breads – I asked if I could get an extra paratha or roti, but I think it got lost in translation.

No matter, this chicken curry is the yardstick against which all future chicken curries will be measured and will, sadly, be found lacking.

Awesome. Simply awesome.

Rating: ★★★★★

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