Jolly Holiday

(Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke – Pop-Pins, Frinton on Sea

Some visitors wanted to visit Frinton on Sea and catch up with an old friend. He suggested we meet up at Pop Pins at the ‘top’ of the high street.

Inside, the décor is pure fifties US diner style, aluminium ‘spun’ tables, red vinyl seats with white piping and a chequer tiled floor.

We arrived late morning and while the ice creams looked delicious, we ordered coffees.

The coffee was delicious, more flavourful than many ‘chain’ coffee shops.

Service was prompt and friendly, the toilet ‘out back’ was eccentric, but spotless.

Wherever I can, I’ll choose a local coffee shop over a big chain, supporting local businesses rather than multinationals. I don’t visit Frinton very often, but I know where I’ll be going for my coffees in future.

Rating: ★★★★★

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