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I’ve recently started to get back into smoked food and barbecues, my late wife didn’t really enjoy barbecues and so last year I sold all my kit. Since her passing I’ve decided to get back into it, and recently ordered a high end barbecue and smoker. So, in a way, this visit to the Manchester Smokehouse was almost research.

It’s located on Lloyd Street, just down (west) from Albert Square and downhill from ‘Reds’, which I’ve visited (and reviewed) before. There was a patio heater type thing flaming on the pavement.

‘Reds’ was heaving as I walked past, but when I entered, the Manchester Smokehouse was very quiet. Maybe a couple of dozen patrons.

The Manchester Smokehouse @

I was shown to a table near the bar, facing the Pilsner Urquell tanks, ordered a beer and then set into perusing the menu.

Menu at The Manchester Smokehouse @ Tolfalas.comSadly they were out of beef ribs – I was planning on ‘researching’ beef ribs but the waitress advised that the chef hadn’t thought they were up to standards. Instead I went for a half rack of ‘baby back’ pork ribs, whereupon (I never thought I’d use THAT word) the waitress informed me that they had a January deal of ribs, fries and a beer for a tenner.

Ribs, Fries and Pilsner Urquell at The Manchester Smokehouse @

The ribs were ‘falling off the bone’ tender, and really tasty, the bacon & cheese fries (I upscaled) were both tasty and crispy, and even the side salad was delicious. I cleared my ‘plank’.

Even allowing for my ‘upscaled’ fries, the total bill was only £11.50 – result!

All in all the food was at least as tasty and well presented as in nearby ‘Reds’ but with less attitude. If you’re after a pseudo-religious ‘experience’ with added BBQ then by all means visit ‘Reds’, but if you have a hankering for delicious smoked/barbecue food, give the smokehouse a try.

Oh, and the Smokehouse is also the second place in Manchester (after Copper Hall) to serve ‘tanked’, unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell, even better.

Rating: ★★★★★

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