The Crown

(Gary Byrd) – Miller and Carter, Langdon Hills

It’s difficult, choosing Christmas gifts for friends, we get to an age where we have enough toys, gadgets and, well, stuff. So, I decided to take a good friend, Jeremy, for lunch.

The Miller and Carter – formerly The Crown – is located close to Jeremy’s home, so we chose there.

Outside the Miller & Carter, Langdon Hills

Outside the Miller & Carter

It’s a large building, with plentiful parking and some outdoor seating. It didn’t look too appealing on a wet December lunchtime, but I’m sure it comes into its own in Summer.

Outside the Miller & Carter, Langdon Hills

Outside the Miller & Carter

Non-dining drinkers are discouraged since the Miller & Carter rebranding, but we enjoyed a pint in the small bar area before our meal. The barmaid seemed insistent on pouring over-generous heads on our pints – otherwise known as short measures – but whether this is a management policy, lack of training or simply incompetence can be discussed – it’s simply uncalled for.

Short Measures - after a top up at the Miller & Carter, Langdon Hills

The décor is Miller & Carter standard, red banquettes and artwork emphasising bulls and knives – not subtle.

We reviewed the menus and decided to ‘push the boat out’ and go for the “Butcher’s Block” – comprising “30 day aged Fillet 8oz, 50 day aged grain fed Ribeye 8oz and 30 day aged Rump 8oz. Served with a brisket stuffed marrow bone.” Plus the usual M&C sides of fries/jacket potato, onion loaf and iceberg lettuce wedge.

While at first sight it appeared pricey at a tad under sixty quid, it compared well to other options. Our waitress – Lesley (?) – knew her way around the menu, but advised that there was no ‘brisket stuffed marrow bone’ so we were offered mac & cheese as a substitute.

Lettuce Wedge at acthe Miller & Carter, Langdon Hills

Lettuce Wedge

We enjoyed our lettuce wedges as starters and then our main course arrived.

Butchers' Block at the Miller & Carter, Langdon Hills

Butchers’ Block

It was all, frankly, delicious. The various cuts of beef were beautifully cooked and wonderfully tender. The peppercorn sauce was tangy and tasty, as was the mac & cheese.

We struggled, but both left clean plates, a most enjoyable lunch.

Rating: ★★★★★

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