Banana Republic

(Boomtown Rats)

I wrote last year how I nearly tried ‘Banana Tree’ in Chelmsford’s ‘Exchange Quarter’; at that time I tried somewhere else, but this time I ventured in.

The bells of the nearby Chelmsford Cathedral were chiming 5pm as I walked in to a nearly empty restaurant.

The waitress – Olga – welcomed me and showed me to a table near the window and handed me the menus.

Rather cheekily I asked whether I was still okay for the lunchtime menu and Olga advised that it would be fine. I ordered some chicken wings to start and a Chicken Rendang main course, with a pot of green tea.

The Sticky Thai Wings were plentiful, piping hot, sticky and spicy. Delicious.

I would have preferred a finger bowl as well as the wipe, as the wings were very, very sticky, so I snuck off to the gents to wash my hands.

The Chicken Rendang came with sticky rice and a small side salad. It too was really tasty, authentic. I polished it off without any problem.

The green tea came in a beautiful cast iron tea pot which kept it hot throughout the meal.

The two course lunch cost £10.95 and the tea pushed the final bill to a tad over fourteen quid. Excellent value.

As Olga presented me with the card machine for me to make the payment; I asked if I could add a gratuity and she grinned. “Write a good review on TripAdvisor.”

I didn’t think that transgressed TripAdvisor’s rules so, Olga, I did.

Rating: ★★★★★

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