Furry Sings The Blues

(Joni Mitchell) – Brewdog, Sheffield

I recently visited – and reviewed (here) – Brewdog’s Tower Hill Bar, and noticed that my ‘Intergalactic Beer Visa’ listed a bar in Devonshire Street, Sheffield. So, while visiting that holy (according to Pete Tinniswood) city, I thought we should investigate. We’d explored both Division and Devonshire Streets a year earlier and, as a Brewdog shareholder, I’m sure I would have noticed the bar.

Brewdog Sheffield

It’s located close to the corner of Devonshire Street and Eldon Street, occupying two ‘shop’ units, there’s an über trendy barbershop on the corner.

Brewdog SheffieldInside, as you would expect, the décor is ‘industrial chic’, but this is something Brewdog pioneered from their first bars. There’s a bottle shop that’s well stocked with Brewdog and other craft ales, plenty of seating, mostly on ‘factory’ stools at large tables, but with a few booths in the widow – ideal for watching the world go by. It appeared we’d arrived mid way through a quiz, but found an empty booth and settled in..

We ordered our drinks, ‘Elvis Juice’, ‘Clockwork Tangerine’ and a diet cola. They were all delicious and well kept; the heads on the brews were on the generous side – which annoyed me as a ‘southerner’ (I don’t mind a good head in an oversized glass but there was no indication that these were oversized) at nearly a fiver a pint I expect a full pint.

I was hesitant, almost reluctant – after my dire Burger experience at Brewdog Tower Hill – to order food, but we ordered a couple of pizzas.

Brewdog SheffieldWe were warned that they might take a while, but again, after Tower Hill, that sounded positive so I ordered some more drinks.

That was when things got a little weird, when two large furry animals arrived. I later learned that there was a ‘furry’ event, and later in the afternoon about another half a dozen ‘furries’ appeared, but it was a surreal encounter.

I digress, the pizzas arrived, both were light crisp and delicious, my faith in Brewdog was restored.

The music included local heroes including Joe Cocker, Paul Carrack and Human League, which was nice.

In a previous life, while living and working in Sheffield, I was a regular both at “Mr Kite’s” wine bar a bit further along Devonshire Street, and the “Frog & Parrot” on Division Street (then an independent brew-pub, now a Greene King outlet). Were I now a Sheffield resident, Brewdog would be top of my list.

Rating: ★★★★★

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