Hungry Like The Wolf

(Duran Duran) – Souza Lobo Calangute Beach

I’d experienced some fairly substandard Goan food on my visits to bars and restaurants in Calangute so, when one of the staff at my hotel recommended Souza Lobo, I thought I’d check it out.

It’s located on the beach, just to the left of the main beach road from Calangute Circle, it’s well signposted, not surprising as they’re one of the oldest restaurants dating back to 1932, predating the acknowledged start of tourism by Tito Henry D’Souza in 1972.

I arrived at about 1pm on a sunny Monday lunchtime, although still in what is considered ‘the quite season’ – in ten days I saw fewer than a dozen western tourists. There were several tables occupied and I was shown to a vacant one.

The restaurant continued to fill through my lunch.

Souza Lobo takes the form of long wooden hall, there are tables outside, but these were still wrapped, awaiting the return of the tourists.

I ordered a Chicken Tikka starter, and Prawn Xacuti main course, with plain rice and a draught Kingfisher beer.

The Chicken Tikka was delicious, I think it was thigh meat, but well marinaded and cooked in the tandoor until the outside was crisp and starting to caramelise.

My Prawn Xacuti didn’t disappoint, plenty of prawns in a rich sauce that allowed all the individual spices to shine through; and leaving just a hint of chilli tingle on the lips.

The final bill was just short of 1,000 Rupees, about a tenner which seems to be the going rate for restaurants in the area, but for a meal in such a venerable institution, that has to be good value.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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